LIZHI has cultivated a vibrant and growing community encouraging audio content creation and sharing. As of the second quarter of 2020, the cumulative number of podcasts uploaded to LIZHI platform has reached 215 million, covering 27 categories and 107 sub-categories, including life & relationship, parenting, language learning, music radio, talk show, etc. 90% of the audio contents was produced using LIZHI's audio-making tools.

Audio Entertainment

LIZHI app owns a variety of audio-centric, interactive products and features including audio live streaming and multi-user on-air dialogue which are intended to drive user engagement and create diverse commercialization opportunities. By taking advantage of mobile internet technology, LIZHI app creates a truly interactive and immersive audio experience for users. LIZHI offers diversified categories covering content such as social, music, talk show, ACG, etc.

Content Creators

As of the second quarter of 2020, the number of monthly active content creators at LIZHI reached 6.15 million. LIZHI is committed to cultivating content creators. Through large-scale brand activities such as Echo Plan, Lizhi Voice Festival and Lizhi Voice Gala, LIZHI helps outstanding content creators grow further, and encourages them to showcase their vocal talents to bring more warmth and companionship to audiences.

Audio Community

As the leading UGC audio community in China, LIZHI has gathered a large number of user groups through a unique community culture. With a highly engaged and interactive audio community as the cornerstone, LIZHI builds a strong bond between users and content creators. LIZHI continuously improves user stickiness and engagement, which provides a solid foundation for diverse commercialization opportunities.

Audio Technology

Through our leading audio technologies in the industry, we simplify the audio creation process for our users, as well as improve sound quality and effects, which ensure a consistently high-quality live streaming experience. Our proprietary voice engineering features include 3D recording, noise reduction, and voice beautification and synthesis. Compared with traditional radio stations, LIZHI's audio live streaming has realized the function of multi-user on-air interaction, while greatly reducing the voice delay, which makes the real-time interaction between content creators and users more effective.

AI Empowerment

LIZHI applies AI technology to content distribution, content creation and other sections. LIZHI takes the lead in the industry to use AI technology for content recommendation instead of manual editor recommendation, which provides personalized content discovery for listeners and well-tailored automatic content distribution function for content creators. Machine learning and data analytics help us find patterns through users’ vocal and behavior data. Our AI technologies enable us to recommend relevant audio contents to our users based on their interests through a fully automated process.

IoT Layout

LIZHI cooperated with Baidu in the IoT field, bringing real-time interactive audio features on Xiaodu Smart Speaker. Both parties take the leading advantages in technology, products, content, and business models to build the bridge between artificial intelligence and content ecosystem. Massive audio contents were integrated into Xiaodu Smart Speaker, which helps broaden LIZHI’s use scenarios.

Lizhi Voice Festival

On May 5th, 2018, the Lizhi Voice Festival brought online voice socialization to offline in Guangzhou Asian Games City. Diversified voice displays were used to lead audiences to experience the interactive and fascinating voice festival. Nine celebrities, including Hu Yitian, Wang Sulong, Cen Ning'er, Lun Sang, Yinlin, Xie Chunhua, Xie Nan, Da Zuo and Cheng Yi joined the event.

The Lizhi Voice Festival is the first large stage to gather and introduce numerous high-quality content creators. It is also the carnival for content creators and their fans, presenting a feast of a variety of voices. The number of on-site participants exceeded 10 thousand, more than 1 million people joined the live streaming of the Lizhi Voice Festival, and the online and offline promotion covered more than 200 million people.

At the Voice Festival, numbers of voice interactive functions subverted the participants’ imagination of voice. The "Voice ID Card” generated a unique voice report, allowing participants to understand their own voice nature and explore the mysteries of voice. "Voice Wonderland" turned invisible voices into dynamic lights and shadows, allowing listeners to enjoy the joy of beating notes. "Move in Voice" encouraged users to use both hands and feet to play the piano and experience the ultimate pleasure of audio interaction. Besides, participants in the "Dream Space" 3D sound experience area were able to experience the immersive feeling brought by audio virtual reality. We generated many novel ways to play with audio so audiences can feel the charm of audio interaction.

At the night of the LIZHI Voice Festival, popular singers and content creators took turns to perform. Popular singer Wang Sulong and content creator Ziyi performed the song "There will be no deadline", which attracts lots of attention. Singer Cen Ning'er and the content creator Hai‘er performed “Light Chaser”, the hottest movie sound track in 2017. Singers like Xie Chunhua, Lunsang, and Yinlin performed songs such as "Freckled Girl", "Slowly in the World", "Happy Travels" and many other popular songs. Together with LIZHI content creators, these guests built up the atmosphere to a rousing climax. The gathering of voice celebrities brings an audio-visual feast that subverts the fans’ senses.


On May 18th, 2019, the second Lizhi Voice Festival was held at the Stadium of Guangzhou Asian Games City. The Festival includes daytime session-Voice Party and night session-Voice Idol Feast. The total number of on-site participants exceeded 15 thousand. Virtual singer Luo Tianyi made her debut at the Lizhi Voice Festival. Ten voice idols performed at the Voice Idol Feast, including the virtual singer Luo Tianyi, Bian Jiang, Jinli, Feng Youwei, Lin Langjun, Cai Yisheng, Tsukiko Nakamura, the Acappella group Resound, Guo Tao and Li Shaminzi.

Daytime Session-Voice Party

In 2019, LIZHI hosted the largest voice carnival in China, lasting for 8 hours. There were eight interactive voice halls and two performance stages for voice KOLs. In addition, ten voice idols performed on the stage, one voice KOL gathering gala has been hosted as well. The total number of visitors exceeded 15 thousand, views of live streaming exceeded 100 million times, and the total number of exposures exceeds 297 million.

The Daytime Session-Voice Party combined multi-dimensional voice interactions such as voice dating, voice identification, voice games, voice healing, voice change, and 3D sound effects. There were more than 30 LIZHI content creators performed on the voice KOL stage. Celebrities like Jinli, Chenningxi, and Cai Yisheng also came and interacted with content creators and fans. The small stage - Family Hall, gathered three major MCN representatives to perform successively.

Virtual singer Luo Tianyi made her debut at the Lizhi Voice Festival, performing "Power of the World", "A Millennial Menu of China", "Little Lemon", "Chinese Myrtle" and "Night Dance". Other performers on the stage included Bian Jiang, voice actor Jinli, Feng Youwei, Lin Langjun, Cai Yisheng, Tsukiko Nakamura, the Acappella group Resound, and LIZHI content creators such as Nj Tianqi, Ah Bing, Du Mingya and Yaoli, Cai Yisheng (Aunt II), etc. Via the Lizhi Voice Festival, the social nature of audio has been further expanded to the offline field, transitioning from virtual socialization to real-life socialization, meeting the upgrading demand of younger generation's social needs, and truly realizing "Bring people closer together with voices".

Lizhi Voice Gala

Lizhi Voice Gala is an annual competition event focuses on building exclusive IPs to consolidate the position as the most authoritative and lively gala in online audio industry, and to recognize all of our content creators’ efforts throughout the year. This event was held in Guangzhou International Media Harbor, broadcasting on Guangzhou TV on January 11th. 66 honorary awards were presented and more than 100 content creators have joined. The attendance rate reached more than 90% with exposures of 360 million times.

As the most valuable annual competition event, Lizhi Voice Gala was crowded with celebrities. In addition to gathering the top content creators with great popularity and strength in various fields, the new generation actor Hu Yitian, the Mandopop singer-producer diva Chua Tanya, and voice actor Bian Jiang, the new generation host Guo Tao, and the Acappella group Resound, all together crowned the annual "King of Voice".

At the awards ceremony, the new generation actor Hu Yitian won the "LIZHI Annual Charming Voice Artist Award". He interacted and played voice game with Beijing Bro. Talk Show Radio - the winner of "LIZHI Annual Best Original Talk Show", Mood Diary “Leaf” - the winner of "Best Original Life & Relationship Podcast", Mino - the winner of "Best Original Musical Podcast", and three award-winning MCN representatives.

Bian Jiang, Jinli, and Chen Zhang Taikang performed on the stage with four content creators including Dakai Talk - the winner of "Best Audio Story of The Year", Xiao Bingbing - the winner of "Best Dubbing Show of The Year", Wang Shuaishuai - the male content creator winner of Audio Entertainment, and NJ Tianqi - the male content creator runner-up of Audio Entertainment.


In 2019, Lizhi Voice Gala was upgraded and continued to uphold the ​​integration of competitions and awards, doubling the sense of honor. In addition to giving content creators glory of the annual awards, LIZHI app also promoted authoritative media and brand endorsements to build top content creators. Following the past, LIZHI app continually created supreme awards in subdivision fields. Over 120,000 content creators participated in the competition, and over 150,000 podcasts were uploaded on the platform and played by 150 million times. For the first time, the Lizhi Voice Gala was held online as "Cloud Awards" live streaming. The famous artist Li Yitong also joined the live streaming as LIZHI Charity Officer.

More than 200 top content creators gathered at the 2019 Lizhi Voice Gala. 68 awards were awarded at the ceremony. The live streaming drew enormous traffic with 9 million listeners cumulatively. The "LIZHI Voice Chaser" series awards were presented for the first time, content creators such as Midnightalks won the "LIZHI Senior Content Creator Award".

LIZHI app invited Li Yitong as LIZHI Charity Officer to use her voice to condense the anti-epidemic force and interacted with her fans through live streaming. During the live streaming, Li Yitong expressed her concern about the spread of the epidemic and advised audiences to stay at home and protect themselves in the near future. The topic of #Listen to the Voice instead of Meeting# was listed on Weibo Real-Time Hot List. In the end, Li Yitong sang the song "Sunshine after the Storm" in the live streaming, expressing her hope for the "Rainbow" in the future. LIZHI app and Li Yitong donated to fight the epidemic together.

Echo Plan

In 2019, LIZHI app officially announced the “Echo Plan”, empowering content creators with "Cash and Traffic" support, and encouraging creators in various fields to create podcasts and blaze a new path for audio commercialization.

On September 25, LIZHI, the leading online UGC audio community and interactive audio entertainment platform in China, officially launched the "Echo Plan 2.0". This project sufficiently integrates online and offline resources to provide content creators with various support from four dimensions: commercialized service system, podcast salon, traffic support, and content creators data center.