LIZHI INC. is a leading online UGC audio community and interactive audio entertainment platform in China, with a mission to enable everyone to showcase their vocal talents. The company is aiming to bring people closer together through voices.

Since launching LIZHI app in 2013, LIZHI has cultivated a vibrant and growing community encouraging audio content creation and sharing. Now LIZHI is an audio wonderland offering a wide range of podcasts and audio entertainment products and features, including audio live streaming and various interactive audio products, empowering users to enjoy an immersive and diversified entertainment experience through audio.

LIZHI envisions a global audio community – a place where everyone can create, share, and connect with each other through voices and across cultures.

In January 2020, LIZHI was listed on the Nasdaq Global Markets (NASDAQ: LIZI), and became the first online audio platform in China to go public.

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October 2013

The LIZHI app Version 1.0 was launched. Users were able to record, upload, and share podcasts on the app through mobile phones. We advocate "everyone is a content creator".


February 2014, the number of registered users of LIZHI app exceeded 1 million.

October 2014, the number of registered users of LIZHI app exceeded 10 million.

September 2015

LIZHI launched the AI-driven recommendation function to achieve optimal content matching for specific users while different user preferences can be identified and matched with content profiles through big data analytics and AI technology.

October 2016

LIZHI took the lead in the industry to launch the audio live streaming function on the platform. Content creators can host audio live streaming and interact with audiences at anytime and anywhere.

January 2017

The number of registered users of LIZHI app exceeded 100 million.

January 2018

LIZHI announced its brand upgrade strategy, replacing the original "LIZHI FM" with "LIZHI" as the brand name. "Bring people closer together through voices" became the new slogan.

October 2018

LIZHI established the content security center to monitor content quality, ensuring a steady growth and long-term development of LIZHI.

November 2018

LIZHI set up a scholarship program for graduate students in The School of Communication and Design of Sun Yat-sen University, and announced cooperation strategies to carry out more partnerships in the audio industry.

October 2019

LIZHI cooperated with Baidu in the IoT field, bringing real-time interactive audio features on Xiaodu Smart Speaker.

January 2020

LIZHI was successfully listed on the Nasdaq Global Markets (NASDAQ: LIZI), and became the first online audio platform in China to go public.


To enable everyone to showcase voice talent

Core Values

User First, Same Goal, Study & Share, Love


To be the biggest voice platform of the world

LIZHI Honor Tee

Every summer, LIZHI designs a T-shirt to pay tribute to a band or a singer and the spirit of rock and roll. The expressions of freedom, romance, and uncompromising of rock music are in line with the self-innovative corporate values of LIZHI. LIZHI Tee, which is closely linked with the rock and roll spirit, has become a part of the LIZHI brand culture.

2017 Sonic Youth
  • 2013 Radiohead
  • 2014 Daft Punk
  • 2015 Pink Floyd
  • 2016 Nirvana
  • 2017 Sonic Youth
  • 2018 David Bowie
  • 2019 Queen
  • 2020 Kraftwerk
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Social Responsibilities

LIZHI spares no effort to take corporate social responsibilities. In terms of social welfare, LIZHI innovatively explored "voice public welfare", LIZHI 3.0. With years of experience in the audio industry and support from content creators and massive audio contents, LIZHI has encouraged millions of people, including children, teenagers, and women.

Our Awards