Employees: LIZHI’s most valuable assets

Our Philosophy on Employee Development

LIZHI respects and recognizes talent, and encourages employees to enjoy the satisfaction from their achievements. As part of our core enterprise culture, we are committed to our employees’ career growth. We offer abundant opportunities for our employees to grow vertically and horizontally through a range of professional career training. These programs allow employees to fully explore their capabilities and demonstrate their talents.

LIZHI Academy: A comprehensive and multi-level talent development system

Talent Development

LIZHI Academy was founded in 2020 by LIZHI’s Founder and CEO Mr. Marco Lai. With the mission of “accelerating growth and empowering corporate development", the Academy has built a comprehensive and well-planned talent development system. The Academy focuses on selecting, training, using and employing talent across the organization. The Academy organizes a series of programs to explore employee talent and help them to grow in their roles This includes onboarding camps for new employees, the innovation training camp, and the “Pirate King Program”.  

Employee Activities

LIZHI combines innovative activities with popular culture to pass down our corporate culture.

Since LIZHI was founded in 2013, all employees have gathered annually for reviews, planning, and discussing the Company outlook for the year ahead. The event includes employee talent shows and an award for the employee of the year. The annual gala perfectly showcases our employees' culture and attitudes and promotes mutual progress for the entire team.

On October 17th, 2013, LIZHI App officially launched the Ver. 1.0, marking the day of our founding. From then on, LIZHI INC. has held an anniversary ceremony to celebrate the founding of the Company in October each year. Both the current and former staff are welcomed at this event.

Each new employee is assigned a mentor who offers advice and guidance in work, learning and life. The LIZHI Mentors’ Day falls on September 10th each year. On this day, all mentors and apprentices will participate in a celebration and carry forward the mentoring culture.

LIZHI has maintained quarterly activity to recognize “strivers” who have shown excellence in their work. This helps demonstrate the power of role models in the Company.
LIZHI has established a club for “strivers” to rejuvenate both physically and mentally with opportunities for cross-departmental communication.
A key goal of the club is to help them inspire others in the Company with the “striver spirit”.

There are various clubs at LIZHI involving themes like movies, hiking, basketball, tennis, board games, and more. These clubs can help Company staff make like-minded friends so that they have a safe space to decompress from work, resulting in higher employee happiness and mental health as well as increased work efficiency.

Work Environment

Since its establishment in 2013, LIZHI has grown continuously, and the team has now expanded to nearly 1,000 employees. It is now headquartered in the Yangcheng Creative Industry Zone of Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, in Southeast China.
This office is a single building and houses an open work area integrating the Company departments of technology, operations, management and R&D.
The Company is a dynamic and creative internet enterprise committed to building a global audio ecosystem.
In addition to domestic offices in Guangzhou and Beijing, LIZHI also has overseas offices in Singapore, the United States and other locations.
LIZHI’s team is continually striving to create a comfortable and innovative work environment that embodies its corporate culture for LIZHI’s staff around the world.